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Grace Bible Church of Gorham, Maine is our Home Church. Pastor Bob White and Diane have been serving the body in Gorham for over 35 years. Our family attended Grace Bible Church in the 1980’s, and soon after headed to Bible School, returned, and then from Gorham headed to Montreal in 1987.Check out their website at:   www.thegracebiblechurch.com

Grace Connection is located in St.Petersburg, Florida. Pastor Tim and Peggy Kelley have been serving in Florida what seems forever. The Kelley’s have been used by the Lord tremendously touching thousands of lives. Check them out at: www.graceconnectionchurch.org


Finger Lakes Christian Fellowship is located in New York State. Pastor Gerald Graziano & Karen have been serving in the Finger lake region for many years. Please check out their website: www.FingerLakesChristian.Org



Living Grace Ministries is located in Tacoma, Washington. Pastor Tom and Sue Powell have been serving in Tacoma since 1981. Check out their ministries at:  www.Lgministries.org



Grace Gospel Church is located in Swansea, Mass. Pastor Gerard and Leigh Martel have co-founded this ministry. A growing Church that has impacted eastern side of Massachusetts. Please check out their website: www.GraceGospelOnline.org


Luther Rice University & Seminary, located in Lithonia, Georgia. Has some exciting degree opportunities for anyone. Most if not all degrees are attainable on-line 100%. Pst. Walker is a graduate of LRU with his Masters in Biblical Counseling. Check out their website for some exciting opportunities to study the Word of God: www.LutherRice.edu


IAGM is a charitable faith-based organization that is supported by gifts from supportive churches, ministries and friends that embrace it’s vision and initiatives to promote the Grace of God as the means of salvation through the work of Jesus Christ at Calvary. IAGM supports over 45 missionaries in 12 different countries. IAGM is a support and sending out missionary agency. The administrator is Dr. Daniel Lewis. Check them out: www.iagm.org


NTM (NEW TRIBES MISSION) Martin Lamb is the Canadian public relations just about born on the mission-field with Missionary Parents serving in NTM for many decades. If you are interested in NTM and what they’re up to these days, give Martin Lamb a call in Canada…905-515-9883