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Being God’s Provision

When looking for a place to serve

be a provision, throw the enemy a curve

Many needs in the World today

Check with the Lord for someway

It doesn’t have to be big, you know

It might be gummy bears, who knows

Being available is all the Lord asks

God will supply for any size tasks

Let’s get ready and run

It’s sure to be great fun

God wants to work through us

Be available! without a fuss

By Connie Morehead   8-12-2013


Many want to know how they can serve the Lord and truly he doesn’t want us to just to be involved in busy work but rather to be available and obedient.

Psalm 100: 2 ” Serve the Lord with gladness: come before His presence with singing.”


The Crescendo    

I love who Jesus says we are

Saints of Jesus created from afar

Jesus made redemption possible

In love we are now adopted

A part of the family in our hearts

Praise and worship creates a fresh start

The blood of Jesus a covering for all

Through grace, forgiveness from the fall

With our inheritance comes release

Sealed by the Holy Spirit of peace

So rich with love and mercy am I

Even though dead, we are made alive

Now we are stuck in the mire of life

In Christ, made alive with no strife

By Connie Morehead     8/4/2013

Content: Notes taken from Pastor Walker’s sermon.

Connie Morehead is a faithful servant/member of Grace Bible Church in Gorham, Maine. She is a dear friend that has prayed/encouraged/challenged us to walk our walk with the LORD for many years. Connie’s health is under difficult times, she is constantly looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of her faith. She resides in Maine with her amazing husband, Frank, and have (3) children and a bunch of Grand-kiddies.


She looked back: A poem

She looked back at her hometown

She looked back at all the memories she had made

She remembered the times she spent climbing trees

She remembered the times when her mom tucked her in bed

She remembered her dad comforting her with every tear she shed

She remembered all the moments good and bad

She thought about how her leaving was sad

But her coming back will make her family glad

For she was going on an adventure

That would last a year

But she knew that her Savior was near

So she had nothing to fear
 “No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.” – Joshua 1:5

I wrote this poem about 2 months ago and i wanted to share! I hope you enjoy it!

Annie O is a young lady here at GM.



Rom. 1:18-32 C. R. Solomon


Thinking of society today

Compared with yesteryear,

The tenets that obtain

Are athwart of those held dear.

The promise of a renewed mind,

Based on wisdom from above,

Is replaced with a reprobate mind

Which is devoid of God’s love.

The glory of the incorruptible God, changed

Into the image of corruptible man

From which issues the inconvenient–

The gospel on its head to stand!

Holding the truth in unrighteousness

Claiming wisdom but becoming fools,

The wrath of God revealed in heaven

Against they who are Satan’s tools.

Not only do they unrighteous deeds

But have pleasure in them that do them,

With those retaining God in knowledge

All but deemed guilty of mayhem!

It is not ‘politically correct’ to hold such views,

With God’s omission preferred;

But He will not be mocked,

And His truth will yet be heard!

It is now wrong to be right

Because right is based on God’s word,

And the thought of obeying absolutes

Is not even to be inferred!

But the right to be wrong will end

Because God will have the last word,

And those rejecting Jesus’ name

Will face judgment unprepared! (Heb. 9:27)



The beautiful sound of the summer season

Just over two weeks ago. Montrealers, witnessed the coming of the first official day of summer. This time of the year, it can bring us many fond and cherished memories. Like the first time we went to summer camp. Like, the first time we visited the homeland. Like, the first time we traveled on U.S interstates and Canadian highways. Like, the first time we lounged around the family swimming pool. Lastly, that time we stayed up to watch that fleeting sunset. Yet, summer is the most beautiful season of the year. Of course there are certain truths we can’t deny. For example. 1. Summer can be visually stunning. 2. Summer, can bring out nature’s true colors. 3. Summer can leave us with many unforgettable memories. Yet, despite all these truths, many Montrealers and people  from around the world, we neglect to experience summer with all our senses. Most of us will experience this season with our visual aspect. Yet, we don’t look at it with our second most important sense. That being: our sense of hearing. If  you don’t mind, I would like to paint you a very small picture. During the summer season, many of us will get invited to many swimming pool parties. Yet, in this light, how many of us will do the following. That being, to really listen carefully to this very important environment. How many of us will listen to these most precious moments? If you don’t mind, i would like for you to do this exercise. If you will get invited to one of these parties. Please do the following. 1. Listen as your friends stand over the BBQ. 2. Listen as they grill their meats. 3. Listen to the sounds of the charcoal. 4. Listen to all that laughter. 5. Listen as the young and old splash in the pool. 6. Listen to the music blaring in the background. Especially, playing that infamous greek music. 7. Listen as all the guests gather around the patio table. 8. Listen as your friend places the forks, knives and spoons all over. 9. Listen as these items fall gently on the surface. 10. Lastly, listen as your young children kick around the soccer ball. These and other activities can make this summer season that much more special. Yet, how many of us will take the time to notice? How many of us will take time to absorb these most precious sounds? How many of us will take time to absorb these most precious sounds? How many will use our most precious senses? Unfortunately, most of us will solely rely on our sense of sight. If we happen to do this our summer season will be more empty. I would like to say the following: That being: Sight, is a very important sense. Yet, our Lord has given us all these senses. Yet, we in most cases will solely rely on our sight. If we too some time to do this exercise we would have a most rewarding summer. I would hope for the year 2013. We would start to look at more closely at our hearing. In my humble opinion, this sense is very sadly neglected. I would hope this summer when everyone hits all these parties we could close our eyes and just listen. Listen to all these wonderful moments. Listen to  all these sounds; listen to all these miracles in our lives. If we did, our summer would be greatly enriched. I would like to take this opportunity to say the following: I hope you all have a very pleasant and joyous summer. One filled with every blessing.

by: Petros Nikolantonakis          29/11/2013

This article was written from the following perspective. That being a person who dosen’t see anymore, a person who has reached a simple conclusion. If we used all of our senses. This summer would be our most rewarding yet.



Luke 15:11-32

The prodigal son was willful,
Determined to do his own thing;
The father allowed his rebellion,
Shame on His name to bring.

The father did not deter him
From taking a destructive road;
Neither did He pursue him,
Though he was under a heavy load.

He gave him his inheritance,
Though squander it he would;
The Father’s heart knew that
It was for his ultimate good!

He had to lose his dependence
On all that he possessed;
When it was all exhausted,
His plight could be assessed!

The Father paid no visit
To him in his new digs,
But allowed him to profit
While feeding dirty pigs!

When he came to himself
And had no place to turn,
There was a valuable lesson
That he was bound to learn!

He made a key decision,
The best since he left home!
He must return to his Father;
No longer would he roam!

The Father’s outstretched arms
Waited to embrace him,
With full restoration as a son
Though his hopes had been most dim!

Rejoicing was the order of the day,

With everyone at home invited;

While he was in the far country,

The Father’s love was unrequited!

The elder brother was not so glad,

Since his flesh was unforgiving!

His true colors began to show,

Though he was with the father living.

The father ignored his rebellion

And received the younger safe and sound;

With his return so long awaited

There were bounteous blessings all around!

His son had been as dead,

But now had returned to life;

He was restored to his Father’s bosom,

With peace to replace his strife!

Dr. C. R. Solomon


Dr. Charles Solomon is the founder of Grace Fellowship International in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. This ministry is an Exchanged Life, Disipleship Ministry. They have seminars/workshops throughout the year, you can Check out this ministries website: www.gracefellowshipintl.com